What is Bursitis?

It was once believed that acute bursitis was related to rupture of the bursa due to a calcified process in the tendon.  The calcified tendon is visible on a radiograph and was thought to represent a degenerative process.   Rowe, however, found that calcified tendonitis did not occur in patients under age 30 or over age 60 and that many patients with radiographic evidence of calcification were asymptomatic.  It appears that pain occurs on resorption of the calcium deposition.  This is an inflammatory phase and causes pain.  This may be the time when an acute bursitis occurs.  Direct trauma and trauma subsequent to cuff rupture are other more obvious causes.

Bursitis Evaluation:

The patient exhibits a supportive posture, holding the arm against the side to avoid movement.  All movement, active and passive, is painful.  If possible, the bursa may be palpated by passively extending the shoulder and palpating in front of the AC joint for tenderness and swelling.  Radiographs usually are unrevealing; however, they should be considered with trauma or when deformity is found.

Bursitis Management:

Rashad Trabulsi DC, Dip, Ac. and James Yu L.Ac have put together a group of highly trained and professional individuals that can work alone in the specific scope of their profession but best utilized in our integrative model of care which incorporates all their unique skills together to providing better care and faster relief. This model of care is comprised of a holistic Chiropractic approach that utilizes advanced physiotherapy modalities, therapeutic exercises, nutrition, traction decompression and joint manipulative techniques. Also, Oriental Medicine with over 40 years of family experience in Chinese herbs and Acupuncture specialized techniques for nerve problems or arthritic pain.  Finally, Dr. Trabulsi selectively picks medical massage therapists that are highly skilled and they are trained to work closely with the doctor and acupuncturist to enhance their therapeutic approach and support the overall treatment plan. All services are provided at both the Brooklyn Heights and Midtown Manhattan locations.

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